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Sylvia Morgan works internationally as a Master in Classical Flying Star Feng Shui, Dowsing and Soul Rescuing; her passion is to help people to change their lives and rescue lost souls. She lives in Oxton, Wirral, which is placed between Liverpool and North Wales, bordering the River Mersey.

Sylvia worked for a large American Pharmaceutical company for 8 years, before she started up her own Virtual EA/PA business. She ran this successful business for over 20 years and loved every minute.  She believes this is because her top values are helping people and honesty!

Sylvia helped with the administration and events for nearly 4 years for the Association of Transformation Leaders Council Europe. The TLC was originally convened by Jack Canfield in USA and ATL Europe is the newest chapter to be formed by TLC.

Sylvia is a contributor to two online magazines, Adyta London & Spiritual Biz Magazine.

Sylvia is excited about the recent launch of her new Courses

  • Beginners Pendulum Dowsing Course
  • Health Dowsing Course
  • Environmental Dowsing Certification Programme (4 modules)
  • Soul Rescue

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In my monumental house, quite a few Feng Shui consultants have offered their services to me, however I never felt comfortable. With Sylvia it was so different; her energy is just so calm and well balanced, you just trust her your home.  In her work, she involved the whole family, brilliant.  Especially her work in the garden made a big difference for our home’s energy. 

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Starting from an energy level that Sylvia had been predicting from a distance impeccably, through her cures she has brought our home up to a wonderful energy level. The house deserves it and ever since we feel safe and healthy. I recommended Sylvia to one of my best business contacts and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. It is not only what Sylvia is doing, it is most of all the way she is doing it. Personal, very professional, delivering extremely profound reports and putting the experience of the client first. Sylvia has chosen a beautiful journey to travel with her Feng Shui & Dowsing Mastership…
Christine Koetsier

Amsterdam , Soul Language

Sylvia performed a fabulous Feng Shui assessment of our business premises and home, which resulted in us making some significant changes to the layout of rooms, placement of furniture in work and relaxation spaces.  Three years later we have a thriving business and a very enjoyable and relaxation work place and home.


Sylvia is clearly knowledgeable especially in how to overcome physical issues and challenges that Feng Shui can present. I have used two other individuals with similar skills in the past but her approach, style and support is far superior to other professionals in her sector. I have no hesitation in endorsing her and recommending her to future customers…
Ian Knowlson

Sandbach, Cheshire, UK , Recruitment Training Group

I could feel a distinct shift in the energy, following Sylvia’s dowsing of our home – it felt clearer, fresh and ‘less stuck’.  Literally within a week, things that had been ‘on hold’ or ‘stagnant’ in my business all started to move forward – clients, I had been waiting to hear from contacted me, new business requests came in and money I was owed, was paid to me. 


My health also improved, I had more energy and began sleeping better too. Now, you could say it was co-incidental, but I am very intuitive and all of these things shifted, I believe as a result of the dowsing. I highly recommend Sylvia and her dowsing rods…
Jo Simpson

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, Leadership Alignment Limited