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Sylvia Morgan is a qualified in Dowsing/Energy Clearing and Soul Rescuing.  She is also a Master in Classical, Traditional, Flying Star Feng Shui. Sylvia lives on the Wirral, which is placed between Liverpool and North Wales, bordering the River Mersey.  She is happily married with three lovely grown up children, two sons and a daughter, Joseph, Ashlea and Jacob.

Sylvia worked for a Global Biopharmaceutical company for 8 years but had to leave when her oldest son was born, due to his medical condition at the time.  She wanted to spend as much time as she could with her children, but also wanted to continue her career, so she started her own business as a VA.  She has run a successful business for over twenty years and she has loved every minute.  She believes this is because her top values are helping people and honesty!

For almost four years, Sylvia worked for the Association of Transformation Leaders Council Europe (a non-profit organisation), organising their biannual conferences which were held in the UK and Europe. The TLC was originally convened in July 2004 by Jack Canfield in the USA, and ATL Europe was a new chapter to be formed by the TLC. She was also Social Secretary to a Junior Football Club and they raised over £14,000 within 12 months.

After going through a very difficult time in her life, Sylvia looked for a way to improve it. Many times, she heard people say, “I have an unlucky house”, “I live in a sick house” and this was how she felt about her home.  She was aware that the previous occupants had gone through financial problems and an unpleasant divorce, so after research, she discovered that this negative energy could leave an imprint and permeate through her home.  She has a boat house at the bottom of her garden and the garden used to be a boating lake.  This meant she had underground water which severely effected the energy in her home in a negative way.

Sylvia’s life changed when she started working as a PA for the lovely Molly Harvey in August 2005.  Molly is a Professional Speaker, Author & Visionary.  Molly introduced Sylvia to Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction, and after working with Molly for many years, Sylvia saw with her own eyes how Molly’s life and business dramatically improved.  It was enough to make her believe that ‘there was something in this Feng Shui & Law of Attraction after all‘.

Sylvia has studied Feng Shui since 2010 and she travelled to Las Vegas to qualify as a Master on Kathryn Weber’s Master Feng Shui Consultant’s Course where she invested in her own Luo Pan compass. Sylvia believes that Feng Shui & Dowsing has changed her life and helped many other people too!

Sylvia is a great believer in the Law of Attraction and she wanted to attract the right person to teach her more about energy work.  While in Las Vegas, she met the perfect person, an amazing speaker & coach, Jodie Harvala from Faro, North Dakota.  Sylvia enrolled on Jodie’s ‘Energy Clearing Certification Course’ which taught her so much more about energy clearing & removing spirits.  Sylvia has also studied other dowsing courses and gained precious knowledge from the gifted Kal Malik who sadly passed away in August 2015.  Sylvia is attending and loving Psychic School which has helped her develop her gifts.

Sylvia now works internationally as a Master Feng Shui & Dowsing Consultant, and has dowsed a business in the World Trade Centre – Amsterdam, plus three well known celebrity houses.  She is so grateful that she can help people improve and change their lives, through Feng Shui, Dowsing and the Law of Attraction!  She has also started a new project, ‘Soul Rescuing’.  She is currently rescuing lost soul’s throughout the UK.

Please get in touch with Sylvia if you would like to chat about how she may be able to help you, everything is confidential and she would be delighted to help you in any way she can.

There are a lot of people who have supported Sylvia along her journey and she feels grateful to them every day.  Her husband Tony, has encouraged her 100%, her parents and family, Molly Harvey, Jo Simpson, Kathryn Weber, Jodie Harvala, Christine Koetsier and her many friends.  Sylvia is grateful to you all for believing in her, she could not have done this without you.  May she continue to do what she loves, helping people to change their lives and improve the energy in their homes.

Breaking News!  Sylvia is excited to announce that her updated Dowsing Courses will be launched in 2023.

  • Beginners Pendulum Dowsing Course
  • Health Dowsing Course
  • Environmental Dowsing Certification Programme (4 modules)
  • Soul Rescuing

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Red Lotus Certified Consultant


Great news!  Sylvia has been a contributor to the international online ‘Spiritual Biz Magazine’ for over 7 years.
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