Spirits & Entities 

Have you ever shivered when you have walked into your home, or felt an eerie unexplainable presence?  This feeling can be caused by spirits trapped between two worlds, ‘unwanted house guests’.  Maybe you are hearing strange unexplained noises, or electric gadgets or appliances turn on by themselves. Your lights may flicker or your lightbulbs may blow frequently. Spirits, ghosts, entities, whatever you prefer to call them (I prefer to call them unwanted house guests), can have a big impact on your life and your wellbeing.  They can also affect your ability to sell your home, especially if there are rumours that your house is haunted.  Viewers can often sense there is a presence, they can feel a cold eerie energy as soon as they walk through the door which can immediately put potential buyers off.

If someone had predicted years ago that I would be rescuing lost spirits and releasing them into the light, I would never have believed them.  I was petrified of ghosts and even refused to watch horror movies as they gave me nightmares.  Now however, I consider soul rescue a wonderful thing to do.  It enables the spirits to cross over, and it takes away the fear and distress from the occupants of the haunted property.

Most spirits I have come across are completely harmless and do not cause any problems; you may not even be aware that they are there.  Some spirits move around oblivious to you, and others like to make themselves known.  In most cases, these lost souls do not mean to be a nuisance, and they certainly do not mean to frighten or harm anyone. They can become frustrated if they want to be noticed but they get ignored, and in some extreme cases they can move or throw objects (in the Hollywood movies these spirits are given the name ‘Poltergeists’, this means ‘noisy spirits’ but in real life they are mostly harmless). 

Signs that you may have a ghost or ‘unwanted house guest’.

  • You catch a glimpse of something moving from the corner of your eye, but when you turn there is nothing there. 
  • You hear footsteps, banging or knocking.
  • You hear voices whispering.
  • Your belongings go missing.
  • Doors and cupboards open by themselves. 
  • Floorboards creak when nobody is home.
  • Lights may flicker or turn on and off.
  • Light bulbs blow and need replacing frequently.
  • Electrical appliances can turn on by themselves (Televisions and Radios are the most popular)
  • You frequently smell strange smells (especially cigarette smoke or perfume). 
  • Children may alert you to spirits as they are open to seeing them, especially before reaching school age.  They may communicate with them and tell you that “a little old lady is sitting on a chair reading them a story”, or maybe that imaginary friend they talk about exists. 
  • Dogs are excellent at sensing spirits way before we are aware they are there. 

Common ways spirits can find their way into your home…

  • Spirits can be attracted by your energy and can follow you home. 
  • It is common for people to bring home a spirit from the cemetery when attending a funeral.
  • You can inherit a spirit when you buy a property; a previous occupant passed away so suddenly that they do not realise they are dead.    

Approximately 70% of my clients call me to ask for help because their dog’s behaviour has alerted them to a presence in their home.  I received a call recently asking me to remotely clear a spirit from a property which was four hours away from where I live.  When I checked in, I found there were two spirits at the property.  This property had a basement, and their dog stood at the top of the basement stairs and barked continuously which was driving his owners crazy.  He refused to go down into the basement and went berserk when they did.  I remotely cleared the two spirits, the barking stopped but the dog still refused to go down into the basement until two days later.  Even though the dog settled and sensed the spirits had gone, it took a few days for the memory to fade and for him to be brave enough to go down there himself. 

I know a lot of people are spooked at the mere mention of ghosts, I was too many years ago.  It is not my intention to frighten anyone but to let you know that most spirits are completely harmless, they do not want to hurt you, they just want help passing over. We frequently have ‘unwanted house guests’ in our home.  I now know that I attract them because they want me to help them which I get a great deal of satisfaction from doing.

A statement I have heard many times…
If this spirit is my Mum/Dad/Family Member visiting me, please don’t clear them.

When I clear spirits, I can only clear spirits who are trapped.  I do not and cannot clear your loved ones who are watching over you and guiding you.  Your loved ones will still visit you; they are not trapped spirits.

If you feel that you have an ‘unwanted house guest’ and you need my help or advice,
please get in touch

I can help remotely; distance is not a problem.
Basic Spirit/Entity clearing of 1 spirit = £15.00
Basic Spirit/Entity clearing of 2+ spirits = £20.00
Challenging Spirit/Entity Clearing of 1 spirit = £20.00

Challenging Spirit/Entity Clearing of 2+ spirits = £25.00

If you have a spirit which is frightening a child please let me know.