I had a full house clearing with a Dowsing and Feng Shui consultation with Sylvia.  She knew straight away where the negative energy vortexes were and found that I had been sleeping above one. Since the consultation, I’ve felt the energy in the house lift, my meditation practice had enhanced and I’ve even had friends comment on how much lighter the rooms feel as soon as they walk in.


I felt stuck before the clearing and didn’t know whether I wanted to stay in the house or move on, but since the clearing I’ve had a lot more clarity and things have shifted positively.  Sylvia is very knowledgeable in her field and I would highly recommend her.

Sarah McBride - Founder of Kapucia

Liverpool, Kapucia

Be prepared, your life will change in many ways when you book Sylvia to feng shui your home or office,

She has a rare talent as a dowser and her passion and knowledge of feng shui will help bring balance and harmony back into your living and work space,

Molly Harvey - CEO of Harvey Global

Warrington, Harvey Global

I have a strong belief in people’s sixth sense and that the Earth’s positive energy can be used to improve our quality of life, so when I got talking to Sylvia at one of our friend’s birthday parties I quickly became fascinated by her work.

Within a couple of days Sylvia came round to my house and began dowsing. She was able to locate


geopathic stress lines and negative vortexes.  She cured the house of the negative energies, increasing my home’s overall positive energy tenfold.  My daughter has for many years experienced terrifying nightmares. Sometimes she describes these as hallucinations as she actually feels awake. Sylvia from experience could relate to this and located an area directly below my daughter’s bed, full of negative energy. After careful dowsing Sylvia protected this area and almost immediately and miraculously my daughter’s nightmares subsided.

I do believe that my family’s lives are much more in balance now and more positive experiences have been awarded us since Sylvia dowsed my home. Sylvia is such a calm and warm person, her own natural positive energy brought immediate effect to me personally. I would definitely advise everyone to take up this service she offers.

Barbara Larsen

Prenton, Wirral, Cheshire

We have recently moved home and wanted reassurance that it was a good healthy place to live so I asked Sylvia to come and dowse it for us.  There were considerable problems that Sylvia has rectified.  We are very grateful to her and have no hesitation in recommending her.  Sylvia has great knowledge.


West Kirby, Wirral, Cheshire

Sylvia has increased the energy of my home so much so, that people comment on how lovely it is and what amazing feel it has, but she also goes out of her way to help her clients in their hour of need, a true professional.

On a recent trip to Italy I could not sleep, I knew it was the energy in the room. Sylvia went out of way to help me and we discovered two


negative vortexes under the bed and many geopathic stress lines. A holiday is one thing, but with no sleep is another.  Thank you again Sylvia for going out of your way to help me.

I would recommend Sylvia to anyone interested in feng shui and dowsing, she can work remotely too as I live in Worthing and the work was done in Liverpool.

Kitty Waters - Founder of Kitty Talks

Worthing, West Sussex, Kitty Talks & The Network for Transformational Leaders

I felt that my house/office had stuck energy, my new business venture had slowed right down, so I booked Sylvia to dowse our home.  I found it really interesting watching how she found and cured the negative energies using her dowsing rods.  I really felt the dowsing did indeed work.  I felt that it cleared blockages


that I had been experiencing in making progress with business issues, in particular communication.  I had been experiencing difficulty with people returning calls and answering my emails, after Sylvia had been, it felt like the energy had shifted and the communication suddenly started flooring in – all positively!  My husband had been unhappy and wanting to change his career for a long time, and he felt that the change in energy gave him the push he needed to finally start off the process of career change.  If you are feeling stuck in your life or business, I recommend you speak to Sylvia..

Nicola Gleave

Prenton, Wirral, Worn By Us

Sylvia came to our home after speaking with her about lots of issues that we have faced.  She found negative vortexes which she said was negative energy in quite a few places.  Two were directly under where my husband and I sleep and another was where the majority of times I sit in our lounge. We have been in our house for 14 years and for at least 7 years I have not dreamed and didn’t sleep well.


After Sylvia left, that very night both of us dreamt, I couldn’t believe it! We have continued to dream since. My husband’s work picked up where it had been slow and we had blamed it on the economy and although I have health problems that will continue to progress I have managed them better in a calmer way, hoping perhaps that Sylvia’s calm manner has helped or done something to me. Lots of people may be skeptical but we have found the energy in our house, the balance and everything just a lot better than before. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sylvia’s work..

Linda Simmons

Greasby, Wirral, Cheshire

It’s amazing how Sylvia can change the life for our family.  We live all the way in Hong Kong, a remote consultation was done with Sylvia and we can feel the energy was lifted over night!  In Hong Kong we all live in high rise buildings.  Being on the 43rd floor, the effect of found energy lines multiplies. Sylvia managed to close the lines and negative vortexes.  We all feel more balanced now


and we have been sleeping better since.  Thank you Sylvia and I would honestly recommend her services.

Suki Ma

Hong Kong

After months of worry over different health issues, a house extension which had been ongoing for over 12 months and was jinxed at every different stage, plus an unexplained heavy feeling that I just couldn’t shake off, I contacted Sylvia for advice.
First of all Sylvia tried to assess my home remotely but there was a lot of EMF interference which was


multiplying the many negative vortexes she had found. Sylvia knew the cause was a Smart Meter,  This amazed me because unbeknown to Sylvia we’d had a new fuse box moved and two smart meters installed during the building work!  Sylvia kindly came to my home in person because of the work that needed to be done, when she arrived the energy in the house was at a minus energy level. She did her magic with the smart meters and fuse boxes and I could literally feel the energy in the house change. When she had finished her work, the energy level was very high and felt amazing!!!!  Since then things have changed so much, health issues and test results have been given the all clear and the extension seems to have turned a corner! And the house now has a nice, relaxed feeling, it is hard to explain.  Once the extension is finished and we are back into a more organised state, I will ask Sylvia to come back to do space clearing, then I think we will be all set to enjoy our home again.  Thank you Sylvia, we are so grateful for you being there when we needed you.
Jeannette Williamson

Upton, Wirral, Cheshire