Dowsing Ethics

The ethics of dowsing are not always taught in a training course, but I personally think this is a very important part of it; you MUST follow the dowsing ethics when dowsing. 

  • ALWAYS start with asking permission to use the dowsing tool you have selected. If you receive a ‘no’ response then do not continue; you can try again another time.
  • Ask three important questions, ‘May I? Can I? Should I?’ If you receive a ‘no’ response to any of the above then do not continue. You may get a ‘no’ response because you are tired, dehydrated. the energy or the timing isn’t right.  
  • If you are asking a question on behalf of or about someone else, ALWAYS ALWAYS ask their permission first. DO NOT dowse without them giving you permission as this is not ethical. 
  • Do not dowse on a property without the owners permission. Even if a house sale is about to be finalised, until that person in questions actually owns the property, you should not dowse on their behalf.

The Dowsing State

To get accurate answers from your dowsing you need to ensure your left and right brain are working together, you can do this by putting yourself into the Dowsing State. 

You can do this by closing your eyes and clearing your mind of any thoughts. Once you are relaxed and your mind is clear, imagine you are wearing a magical pointy hat. Keeping your eyes closed, concentrate on the top point of that hat, keep that focus for a few minutes; by doing that will ensure your left and right brain are working as one.

You should check that you are connected to source and in a dowsing state by asking a few ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions using your pendulum that you know the answer too.  If you receive the correct response, then you are connected and ready to go.


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