The study of how energy in our environment affects us is called Feng Shui. Having this knowledge allows us to alter the energy flow, making the energy more beneficial to us in our living and working environment.  How you arrange your home and business has a direct impact on your success, wealth and life.  Using feng shui knowledge to move and place objects in your home or business to remedy or activate the energies, can prevent problems and take advantage of all the prosperity, happiness and good fortune of the upcoming year, creating balance and harmony.

If your home or business is full of clutter, this creates ‘stuck’ energy which in turn creates ‘stuck’ finances, confusion and blocked opportunities. If you feel this describes you, spend some time decluttering and you will be surprised how much better you feel.

Feng shui is one of the three factors of the cosmic trinity of luck; your earth luck (feng shui luck) is only 33.3% of your luck.  The feng shui theory is that our wealth and success depends on these 3 factors;
Heavenly Luck (33.3%) – you are born into this luck and we cannot control this, e.g. your astrological chart.
Human Luck (33.3%) – you generate this luck from the decisions you make, your actions and the effort you put into your life. This factor is directly controlled by us.
Earth Luck (33.3%) – using feng shui & dowsing you can control this luck by changing your environment, curing negative energy and activating the positive energy. How you arrange your home and business can have a direct effect on all the occupants.

Most feng shui afflictions can be remedied, giving you control of two thirds of your luck, the human luck and the earth luck!

Personal Feng Shui We all have a personal Kua number; this is calculated from your date of birth and gender. To find out what your Kua number is, please check out the home page on my website and use the Kua calculator. You will receive a free report.

Your Kua number has four favourable and four unfavourable directions and falls into one of two groups: East or West. Your favourable directions are determined by which group you fall into.  Each direction will relate to one of the following:

  1. Wealth/Success
  2. Health
  3. Love/Relationship
  4. Growth/Wisdom

You should tap into these favourable directions by facing them when you can. It’s helpful to become familiar with your personal feng shui directions along with the compass directions in your home and business, so you know where they are.

When should you implement your favourable directions?

  • Moving Home – the house will support you if the front door faces one of your favourable directions.
  • Sleeping – if possible, point the top of your head towards one of your favourable directions.
  • Dining – sit facing one of your favourable directions.
  • Interviews and Important Meetings – try to sit facing your success direction if possible.

How to find out the direction of your front door The entrance to your home and your business is extremely important. This is where wealth and opportunities enter the property.  An attractive, bright, clear entrance with healthy plants will attract good energy.

The June monthly energies are available on my website blog, here you will find out how to remedy and activate these monthly energies. The June energies fly in on the 6th June and leave on the 6th July, so it’s ideal to have all your cures and activations in place by the 5th June.  Before you check the June energies, you will need to know the direction of your front door.  Using a compass, stand at the front door looking out, as though you are about to walk out of the property.  Stand with your feet at the door threshold with the door open wide; hold the compass level and take the reading.

If you stand in the centre of your property, using your compass you can work out what rooms are in each sector of the lo shui square and by checking out the monthly energies, you can put the correct cures and activations in place.

Article Published in the June 2016 issue of the Spiritual Biz Magazine