Always protect yourself before performing a Space Clearing on your property or before Dowsing.  The reason for this is to protect yourself from any negative energies or attachments.

The way I protect myself is by sitting quietly and closing my eyes.  I imagine a white light coming down from above my head and surrounding me, I then imagine I am standing on a glass shelf. Now this next part is so important and a lot of people forget to do this; while standing on the glass shelf ensure the white light goes under your feet too otherwise you aren’t fully protected.

A great healer friend Jim Robinson who has sadly passed away taught me the importance of protection and because of my energy work, he told me to do this to protect myself every day before I even put my foot out of bed in the morning.

This is how Jim explained it to me… 

Imagine yourself as a fence panel, the first coat of creosote that is painted on the fence soaks right in, the second coat makes the fence colour go a little darker, the third coat darker again.  The more coats you add, the more layers of protection you have.  It is the same with protecting ourselves, the more we surrounded ourselves with white light, the stronger our protection is.”

Whenever I go on a flight, I put white light around the aeroplane.  Last year when travelling to New York with my family, as usual I did my white light protection around the plane.  My son was looking out of the window and was amazed at what he saw.  He took a photograph to show me, it was a reflection of our plane in the clouds with a ring around the plane.

I believe this was my white light protection around the plane, but who knows…

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