Spring Clean Using Space Clearing

We are living through worrying times, causing anxiety for many people.  At the moment the UK like many other countries are in lockdown.  With all the negative news, worry and anxiety, you may feel the energy change in your home; the energy may feel stuck or very negative.  There are some people who are very sensitive to energy and can sense this change, which can in turn make them feel down and depressed. They may find it difficult to shake themselves out of this downward spiral of emotion.

Being in lockdown at home with others whether family or friends and not having your own space can cause conflict and arguments which you can’t escape from.  This is another cause of a drop in the energy level in your home.

If you feel the energy may have dropped due to any of the above circumstances, or would like to increase the energy of your home, you can do a Space Clearing which helps to spring clean the energy.

How to Space Clear your Home

  1. You will need a bunch of sage, matches and also a plate or bowl.

  2. Open every window and every door in your home, including your front door and any external doors. (This is obviously more pleasant to do in the warmer months).

  3. Open every cupboard, wardrobe and every drawer in your home. Yes every single one, including drawers under your bed!  I even open the dishwasher, oven, etc.

  4. Light the sage so it is smoking and hold the plate underneath to catch any embers that may fall from the sage, you don’t want to singe your carpet or flooring.

  5. Start at your main entrance and follow the direction of the clockwise arrows as per the red arrows on the example floor plan image below.  

6.        Walk around the first room clockwise waving your sage smoke as you go.

7.        Wave the sage smoke into the corners and around the walls too.  Energy leaves an imprint on our walls, and by waving the smoke around the area close to the walls will clear this away.

8.        Walk into the next room, again always walking around the room clockwise waving the sage smoke.

9.        Continue to do this around every room, walking clockwise around the whole house/apartment/flat.

10.      Once you have completed the ground floor, if you live in a two storey house then go up the stairs to your first floor and follow the same instructions used on the ground floor (green arrow to show stairs on the floor plan).

11.      If you have a third storey or loft room, follow the same instructions used on ground floor and first floor.

12.      Once you have been around the whole house, you can dab the sage onto the plate to put out the smoke.  This sage can be reused the next time you want to perform a space clearing.

13.      You can now move around your house closing all the doors, windows, cupboards and drawers, etc in any order you wish.

14.      You may notice that your home feels lighter.

I frequently light Incense sticks in my home as a maintenance habit, to clear any new negative vibes hanging around; Nag Champa is my favourite.

There are so many ways to space clear your home and there are so many books explaining how to do it.  You can use singing bowls, bells, music, you can set up an altar with candles, but what I am sharing with you in this article is a very basic space clearing technique which is easy to do.

Energy is like oxygen, we know it exists, it is all around us but we just can’t see it.  If you feel the energy is starting to drop again, you can perform this basic space clearing as often as you feel necessary.  I love performing space clearing on my home after I have done a big deep clean; I think it feels amazing afterwards.