Bamboo Plant

Gardening isn’t everyone’s passion, and it wasn’t mine until I learned the benefits of using my feng shui knowledge in the garden to boost the energy.  Once I get started, I really enjoy working in the garden but the part I enjoy most, is sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the view.

Feng shui can be used in any space to improve the energy, be it a house, office or garden.  A beautiful colourful garden will create vibrant feng shui energy and counteract any negative energy before it enters your home or office.

It’s easy to tell if you have good feng shui by how you feel when you’re in your garden.  If you enjoy being in your garden and you think it looks beautiful, then the energy will be good.

Always keep your garden well maintained with the lawn trimmed, patios clean and borders weed free.  Dispose of any rubbish or clutter.

Buddhas are lovely to have in your garden, but don’t place them on the ground as this disrespects the Buddha.  Place them on a surface, I have mine sitting on large stones so he is sitting off the ground.


Curving pathways allow the energy to gently flow along them creating great feng shui.  If you are redesigning your garden, choose curved pathways rather than straight paths.  Straight lines are seldom found in nature, so curves blend in better with the environment.  Always keep your pathways clear so the energy can travel towards your home easily with no obstruction.


Outdoor water features are excellent feng shui, whether you choose a man-made pond, a water fall or fountain, the water needs to be moving.  Stagnant water or dirty water is bad feng shui, so the fountain must be kept clean and especially free from leaks. A leak in your fountain must be fixed immediately or it will cause a leak on your finances.  The best feng shui sectors to place a fountain or pond are the North (career sector), East (family/health sector) and South East (wealth sector).  If you have a missing bagua area in any of these sectors of your home, placing a fountain outside in the missing area is the perfect remedy.  See image below of missing area.

Missing Area Image

Adding lights to the south of your garden creates auspicious feng shui; this is because the south sector represents the fire element.  By lighting up your garden with candles or lights makes it feel inviting and adds to the ambience, also bringing in positive yang energy.  You can use lighting to highlight special feature areas.

Bamboo is a great plant to have in your garden; it lifts the energy no matter where it is planted.  The bamboo represents wisdom and fidelity.  Avoid spiky or cactus type plants.  Plants with round fat leaves are the most auspicious type of plant to have indoors or outdoors.  If you fill your garden with lovely colourful plants all year round, this will look great and attract good energy too.

The west is a great area for a children’s play area, because the west sector is connected to the energy of children and creativity.

If you have trees at the back of your garden behind your house, this is great feng shui, because the trees are supporting you.  Trim back any trees that are touching your house, otherwise they will drain the house energy.  Make sure that you haven’t got a tree positioned directly in front of your door; this will stop the energy from entering.  Trim back any trees if they cross your path too.

If you have a garden that slopes down at the back of your house, this isn’t good as you and your home have no support and the energy will drain away.  You can remedy this problem by lighting this area up with tall lights, or you can add a tall wooden fence and maybe some evergreen trees to support you.

Another important thing to watch out for is, your garden landscape should be higher on the left of your house than the right, e.g. your garden should not slope down to the left.  As you stand in the front door threshold looking out, the left of your house represents the dragon and the right represents the tiger in feng shui.  When the bushes or trees are higher on the left side, this is great feng shui because the dragon is protecting you.  If the bushes or trees are higher on the right side of the door, then the dragon is asleep and the tiger is attacking you.  You can remedy the sloping garden by placing tall lights here to light up this area, or plant trees.  If you have trees or bushes on the right side which are taller than the left, I advise you trim them down so they are shorter than the left.

Check your gutters and drains regularly to avoid any blockages as this would have a direct effect on your finances.

Most of us love to cook on a barbeque outdoors in the sun.  To stimulate the fire energy, the best sector to have your barbeque, fire pit or heater is in the south.

Fire Pit Image

Keep any bins out of sight, maybe place up a screen to hide the bins and ensure you don’t have a seating area close to the bins.

The corner of a shed can cause poison arrows, you can remedy this by growing ivy or a climbing plant over the corners to protect you from them.  As with your home, try and keep your shed free of clutter.

Good energy always feels good.  The size of your garden doesn’t matter, it’s great to have an expansive flourishing garden, but if you have a small garden or back yard, you can still use the feng shui principles to beautify it and create good energy.