Kitchen Image

The kitchen can be the hub of the home, especially if it’s open plan with a breakfast/dining room.  This is where nutritious, healthy food is cooked and eaten, keeping you and your family healthy. Family and friends gather here to eat, chat and enjoy each other’s company. This area will have great energy if it is used often.

There are some important Feng Shui rules to be aware of though in the kitchen, these can have a significant impact on your life if not adhered too.


  1. Your kitchen should not be positioned at the front of your house or in the centre of your home.
  2. Your kitchen should not be in the north west of your home; if you have no option then I suggest painting the kitchen in blue or black colors or maybe have the flooring this color.
  3. When designing a new kitchen never have your stove in the north west of area of your kitchen, the north west represents the man of the house, the breadwinner, by having your stove here will cause problems for him and his career.
  4. Your sink and stove should not be opposite to each other, this can cause conflict in the home. The conflict is caused due to a clash of the two elements, fire and water.  If you do have a sink and stove opposite each other, hang a crystal from the ceiling between them to calm this energy.
  5. If your bedroom is above your kitchen and your bed is directly above the sink or stove, this is not good for your health. The sink will drain your energy and you could feel lethargic and unwell.  If you sleep above your stove, then you are sleeping above the fire energy too, which isn’t good for you.
  6. Always keep your counter tops free of clutter, cupboards in order, and dispose of any garbage every day.
  7. Knives should be kept in a drawer; if you have a knife block then this should be kept inside a cupboard, not on top of the worktops. We all have 4 good Feng Shui directions.  Success, Health, Wisdom and Relationship.  (To find out your 4 best directions, click on the KUA Calculator on the home page of my website  If your success direction is north and you have your knife block in the north of your kitchen, you are cutting away at your success; this is the same for your other good directions.  Assuming there are other people living with you, if you place the knives in one of your unlucky directions, that is great, but they may be in another family member’s good direction.  The safest place is out of sight in a cupboard or drawer.  Beware though if you have small children who live with you or visit, a child lock must be used or place the knife block in a cupboard up a height.
  8. It is not good to have your cooker in the south of your kitchen as this creates too much fire energy.
  9. If you have a bedroom next to the kitchen on ground floor level, don’t place the bed on a wall that is shared with a cooker or sink. This would drain your energy.  The same rules apply for toilets too.
  10. Avoid painting your kitchen red, this is because the kitchen already has too much fire energy without increasing it with the color red.