Water fountains are my personal favourite feng shui activator, I love the sound of the running water, it’s so relaxing.  I receive lots of questions from clients asking where is the best place to put their fountain or aquarium?

Another question I am also asked is what is the difference between a water fountain and an aquarium as a feng shui activator.  The answer is, there is no difference; they are just different ways of adding moving water to a particular sector and whatever method you choose is your personal preference.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect fountain and best placement.

Buddha Water Fountain


  1. A bubbling water fountain is my favourite rather than a flowing fountain; this is because to me this represents the fountain overflowing in abundance.  You can also use a cascading water fountain if you prefer.
  1. It is better to have a fountain without lights, this is because light represents fire, and the fire energy and water energy could clash. A lot of fountains have lights built in them, but I removed the bulb out of my outdoor fountain.
  1. Ensure your fountain is large enough to hold plenty of water, so it does not dry up.  You should be able to go a couple of days without having to refill it.
  1. Always ensure your fountain is clean and flowing without any blockages.
  1. To prevent lime scale, it is best to use bottled water in your fountain, this will extend the life of your water fountain.



  1. Don’t place a water fountain in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. You should never have any water in the bedroom, doing so may cause harm to relationships, health or finances.
  2. You should not be able to hear your water fountain from the place where you sleep. For safety reasons, I turn off my indoor fountain at night.  You could always set your fountain up with a timer switch, so it switches off and on automatically at your preferred time.
  1. You can place a water fountain at your entrance if your door faces north (career/business direction), east (family/health direction) or south east (wealth/money direction). The north sector represents water, and east and south east are wood.  Fountain placement in these sectors are good because water nourishes wood, and the north is also activated by water.
  2. Never have two water fountains at your entrance as it will cause negative results.
  3. If you have a fountain outside your house, ensure the water is flowing towards the house and not away from the house.
  4. You can place a fountain in the north sector of your house, office or living room if you want to excel at your career. Place it in the east if you want to improve your health and the south east if you would like to attract wealth and money.  Do not get carried away and place too many water fountains in your home.
  5. Don’t put a water fountain or aquarium under a staircase as this can cause illness and it’s bad for the children of the house.
  6. If you partner has a tendency to have a wandering eye or stray, don’t place a water fountain outside your house to the right side of your entrance door (as you stand at your door looking out). This can attract unwanted attention outside of your relationship and may attract infidelity.
  7. Always ensure the size of your water fountain is in proportion to the size of your room, or home if your fountain is outdoors.
  8. Don’t place a fountain below the room where you sleep, it is not good to have water under you while you sleep in your bedroom.