Feng Shui Garden

If you are interested in applying feng shui in your home or office, why not let it spill out into your garden?

A beautiful colourful garden will create vibrant feng shui energy and counteract any negative energy before it enters your home or office.

For those of you with green fingers, here are some useful tips to help you to incorporate different plants and trees that will be beneficial to each direction.  Always ensure your garden looks beautiful, and is kept neat and clutter free.

I would suggest plotting your garden out as a square, then divide the square into nine sectors and determine using a compass, what direction is in each square, north, east, south and west.  You don’t have to incorporate all the tips I am sharing, but using just a few here and there would work.


Flower Bagua

The element in the north is ‘water’, so blue or dark purple flowers are perfect for this sector to boost your career or business.  This is an ideal place to put a pool, outdoor water fountain, or pond.  If you add fish to your pond you will double your luck.  An entrance in this sector would be great feng shui.

NORTH EAST SECTOR (Wisdom/Education)
Yellow and orange plants are great in the north east.  The element for this sector is ‘small earth’, so I suggest you add a small rockery here.  This sector is a great place for yoga and meditation.

EAST SECTOR (Health/Family/Relationships)
Lots of green foliage is great here as the colours for this sector are browns and greens.  Fill the area with healthy bushes, this area’s element is ‘big wood’, so at least one big tree would be beneficial.  Don’t let the branches touch your home or it will sap the energy.

Fruit trees are great to have in this wealth sector, along with lots of lush plants.  The element for south east is ‘small wood’, so maybe place some wooden furniture here too.

SOUTH (Fame/Recognition)
The south sector element is ‘fire’, so plants here should be mostly red in colour with pinks, oranges and purples too.  Poppies & roses are flowers that attract fame, along with lights, so make sure this area is well lit.

SOUTH WEST (Women/Marriage)
Pink, orange and yellow coloured flowers go well in this ‘big earth’ sector.  A stone statue of a romantic couple would be beneficial here because it will activate the earth element.

WEST (Children/Fertility)
Gold and white coloured flowers are perfect here.  The element for this sector is ‘small metal’, maybe place a metal wind-chime or silver coloured ornaments here.  If you have children or grandchildren, maybe make this sector the children’s play area.

NORTH WEST (Helpful People/Mentors)
White, gold and orange flowers should be the predominant colour in this sector as the element is ‘big metal’.  Perhaps place a large metal table and chairs here to activate the earth element and to invite people into your life to help you.

Keep this area open and clear, this is a great place to have a healthy lawn.  The element for this sector is ‘earth’ so the colour to use here is yellow.  This area brings balance and harmony as it connects all the areas together.