Hall Mirror Image

Mirrors if used correctly in your business or home can uplift the energy, attracting prosperity and abundance.  Mirrors can be very auspicious but also inauspicious, if you don’t place them correctly or you purchase the wrong type of mirror.  Mirror’s can have the complete opposite effect to what you want.  The tiled mirror in the image above looks great, but should be avoided as this will cut up your energy.


  • Do place a mirror in your Dining Room.
    This reflects the food that you eat, so it doubles the abundance of food and prosperity.
  • Do place a mirror to reflect a beautiful outdoor view.
    This will bring in this wonderful energy from the outside indoors.
  • Do place a mirror in a dark space to brighten up the area.
    Mirrors reflect light and energy, so by placing the mirror in a dark space will double the light and energy that is in this area.
  • Do clean your mirror.
    Always keep your mirrors clean and free of dust at all times, so you can see your clear reflection.
  • Do place a mirror so you can see who is entering your office if you have your back to the door.
    If your desk is facing away from the door and you are sitting in a position so you can’t see who is entering, then angle a mirror so you can see who is entering the room whilst you work at your desk. If you can’t see who is entering, you are missing opportunities.
  • Do hang a mirror flat against the wall, don’t lean the mirror forward.
  • Do place a mirror to remedy a missing bagua area.
    If you have a missing area, this problem can be remedied by placing a mirror on the wall of the missing area to symbolically expand the space to give the impression that the area isn’t missing.  See the floor plan below, to see the mirror placement.

Floor Plan - Missing Bagua


  • Don’t place a mirror in your bedroom, especially not behind the bed.
    This can cause restless sleep; it is advisable to cover all mirrors while you sleep.
  • Don’t place a mirror opposite your front entrance door.
    This will reflect/bounce the chi energy entering the business or home straight back out again causing endless problems.
  • Don’t place a mirror so that it cuts off the top of your head.
    You should always place a mirror so that you can see the reflection of all of you.
  • Pay attention to what your mirror reflects.
    For example, if your mirror reflects the words love or abundance, the mirror will double that auspicious energy. On the other hand, if your mirror reflects a painting or picture of someone crying or looking sad, you will be magnifying that sad energy.  Pay attention to what you are doubling up on in your life.
  • Don’t hang a mirror too low or too high.
    A mirror must be placed at a height where you, your family or colleagues can see their head and shoulders at least.
  • Don’t place a mirror behind the sofa.
  • Don’t place a mirror where it reflects a fire or stove.
    Kitchens have a lot of fire energy, so placing a mirror here doubles this energy.
  • Don’t place two mirrors opposite each other.
    This can cause sorrow and distress.
  • Avoid tiled mirrors or small individual mirrors.
    These types of mirrors will cut up your energy.