A couple of weeks ago I had a very sore eye which I thought was conjunctivitis.  My symptoms got worse overnight; I felt like I had glass in my eye and I lost almost all my sight in my left eye.  My doctor sent me straight up to hospital and I was diagnosed with a virus and given medication which thankfully saved my sight.

Different sectors in your home, office or business represent different body parts.  As the south sector represents the eyes, I checked this area out in my home to see if I could spot a problem that may have aggravated this unexplained virus.  I was shocked at what I found once I ‘paid attention’.

We recently purchased an American Fridge Freezer, but the ice dispenser was broken, so the fridge had to be emptied and replaced.  The contents of the fridge was emptied and all the bottles of beer, wine and water was stored in my washroom which is in the south sector of our home.  Glass bottles were everywhere as we had stocked up for my son’s birthday party. I knew the Bagua represented different body parts, but I didn’t pay attention as to how this may affect ‘my health’.

It made total sense, I felt like I had glass in my eye and the south was full of glass bottles.

If you feel unwell, firstly, always consult a medical professional but also pay attention to what is placed in the different sectors of your home or business.  If you have medication from your doctor and your symptoms don’t improve, then I suggest you pay close attention to your surroundings, as your home is an expansion of your body.

My sister had problems with her stomach, when we checked out the Bagua; she kept her bins in the south west sector which was also her personal health area.  (If you wish to know your personal health direction, please visit the home page on my website and use the free kua calculator https://www.sylviamorgan.com.)

Below is a Bagua chart, which you can use at a quick glance to see which areas represent each body part.Use this checklist to be aware of things to pay attention to and correct:

  • Bins
  • Broken furniture
  • Dead plants
  • Drains
  • Electrical equipment
  • Excessive clutter
  • Excessive heat
  • Leaks in ceiling
  • Light bulbs not working
  • Poison arrows (corners, spires, trees, lamp posts)
  • Scissors & Sharp Objects (e.g. Knife Blocks on the counter top)
  • Squeaky hinges, stuck windows or doors
  • Tap (faucet) leaks
  • Toilets
  • Unpleasant odours

North Area
If you are having health issues relating to your ears, blood, kidneys or bladder, check out the north area.  Check for any dead plants, or doors and windows that are maybe stuck.

North East
Check out the north east if you are having problems with your hands or fingers.  Arthritis or just general hand pain can be aggravated by excess clutter.  Do you keep hurting your hands, if so give this area a good clear out to see if it helps.

Check out this area if you have been having problems with your breathing or your feet.  It could be a re-occurring chest infections or problems walking, cracked heels or athlete’s foot.  Look out for any poison arrows cutting across your body when you are in this area.

South East
Maybe you are suffering from back or hip pain, if so check out this area for too much electrical equipment.  Also declutter if you have excess here.

If you have eye or heart problems, check out this area immediately.  Palpitations and conjunctivitis can be triggered by leaks, clutter or bins in this sector.

South West
Stomach and intestine issues are linked to this area.  Check it out if you suffer from abdominal issues.  Keep this area free from broken furniture.

If you suffer from dental or mouth issues, check the west sector in your home or business.

North West
Be careful in this area if you suffer from headaches or mental problems.  If you have a toilet here, keep it covered by putting down the toilet lid when not using it.  The same for sinks, keep them covered too.

This sector represents the overall health of anyone living or working in the property.  Illnesses that can affect every part of your body can be aggravated.  Keep the centre of your home or business open, clutter free and bright.

I must stress, always consult a medical professional immediately if you feel unwell.