Have you ever walked into a property and felt an uneasy feeling about it?  These feelings can be hard to explain, but you just know something is wrong. Environmental energies can make our property sick.  The earth’s natural vibrations support our mind, body, immune and energy systems.  When these natural vibrations are disturbed e.g. by underground water, their energy turns negative.

Electromagnetic fields from man-made power lines, electrical appliances, cell phones, and telecommunications towers are detrimental to our health and put us at physical risk.  These negative energy fields can impact our body and immune system, and reduce our success in business and relationships.

The environmental energies that cause the most problems are geopathic stress, negative vortexes, interference lines, negative hartmann/curry lines.  If you sleep on the cross of any of these lines, it can be detrimental to your health.

Our immune system will use part of its valuable resources protecting us from these negative energies.  If you sleep in an area with detrimental energy, e.g. sleeping on a negative vortex, the body will consequently spend less time repairing itself and this will happen for the entirety of the time you are sleeping.  Gradually the percentage of healing versus protection will start to change and fighting off the effects of these energies will become more important than repairing the body.  Disease can often occur after a long period of time as the immune system is weakened.

Couples that argue and sometimes part can leave behind a ‘detrimental energy form’ which occupies the space they live in.  Future residents can also be affected by this and often add to the negative energy by also quarrelling.  It is common for the same house in the street to repeatedly be ‘For Sale’.  It is often due to illness, relationship breakdown or divorce, this is a repeating pattern.  If you notice a repeating pattern then it’s very important to space clear this property.

Detrimental energies can be cured by booking a virtual or on-site dowsing consultation.  The consultant will find and cure the energies using dowsing rods.

Albert Einstein, who believed in dowsing to be an unexplained branch of science, has been attributed as saying ‘Everything is energy and energy is everything.”

Using dowsing rods you can clear away the detrimental energy and bring in the good positive energy.  By raising the positive energy level in a property this will attract positive things and you could find that you will gain more recognition.

Many symptoms can be caused or magnified by negative environmental energies. Some of the most common symptoms or problems are:

  • Anger or Conflict
  • Ant or Wasp Nests
  • Concentration ProblemsHouse - cropped
  • Depression
  • Diseased trees or plants dying
  • History of bad things happening in a propert
  • Illness that isn’t responding to medication
  • Low business sales
  • Negativity
  • Nightmares
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Poor Finances
  • Problems sleeping, especially for young children
  • Property not selling
  • Relationship problems
  • Sleep issues