Desk feng shui is very important in your business.  Often clients consider their office and home feng shui but they don’t take into account their desk feng shui.

If you are buying a new desk or have been offered a used desk there are some things to consider.

  • What material is the desk made from?
    Solid wooden desks are the best to choose as the wood represents growth.  Avoid glass desks as these don’t provide any support to you or your business, you can see right through them.
  • What shape should you choose?
    Traditional rectangle desk shapes are the best.  I prefer the L-shape desks because you have more space to organise yourself and it is much easier for you to ensure you are facing your success direction.  Arc shaped desks are not advisable as these can harm your career.
  • Should you buy a new desk or accept the gift of a used desk?
    Your finances might not allow you to buy a new desk, and the offer of a used desk can sometimes be too good to refuse.  You should only accept a used desk off a successful person.  We are energy (chi) and energy is all around us; solid wood furniture absorbs the chi from their surroundings and the people around them.  If the previous owner has had financial hardship or even become bankrupt then their desk will have absorbed that negative chi and could attract similar financial problems.  If you don’t know who the previous owner was or you really need that desk, then I strongly advise you to wash the desk down with a cloth soaked in sea salt water.  This will remove as much of the negative chi as possible.
  • What size desk should I buy?
    A small desk restricts your career and finances, so purchase an executive size desk if you have the room.
  • What type of chair should I have?
    A tall back executive chair with arms to match your executive size desk will give you the best support. The higher the back of the chair the more support you will have.

Desk Feng Shui
Try to keep your desk organised and clutter free. Always keep the front of your desk clear to welcome any new opportunities.  By placing your computer screen here may block opportunities coming in, so be mindful of this with your layout.  Men should place their important work and their files on the left side of the desk and women should place theirs on the right hand side of the desk.  Red folders are very auspicious to keep your clients records in.

Wooden Executive Desk & Chair

Office Feng Shui for Year of the Rooster
Chinese New Year started on January 28th; each Chinese New Year the energies move around and the rules change. Two very important energies to watch out for this upcoming year are the ‘Three Killings’ & the ‘Grand Duke’.  After January 28th, the Three Killings will reside in the East and the Grand Duke will reside in the West.  Do not sit with your back to the East (Three Killings) if you do so then this could cause people to betray you or stab you in the back (not literally).  This would not be good for your business.  You should also not face the West (Grand Duke) as this disrespects him and can cause you misfortune.  Even if your success direction is in the West, please don’t sit facing the Grand Duke this year; choose one of your other auspicious directions.  If you would like to find out your four auspicious directions, use the free KUA Calculator on the homepage of my website