Some people work hard every day and put in so much effort, yet they don’t feel like they are making any progress.  This is probably due to their environment working against them.  If your environment isn’t supporting you (earth luck), you are working against the flow, and you may feel like you are walking against the wind.    

Here are some office tips which you may find helpful:

1. Ensure your desk is positioned correctly while working.  An ideal position is sitting facing one of your favorable directions according to your personal kua number (you can find a kua calculator on the home page of my website).

2. Sitting with the window behind you means that you aren’t being supported.  To remedy this, place a large plant behind you for support.

Woman at Desk with Window

3. Try not to position your desk directly in front of the office door; the chi (energy) will hit you which isn’t good for your health.  If possible move the desk to one side slightly out of the way.  Also be aware of poison arrows.  These are corners of desks, walls and furniture which if directed at you can cause you health problems.  Move your desk out of the poison arrow line if possible.  If you can’t then put a big plant or hang material in front to protect you.

4. Make sure there is nothing blocking the entrance to your office, a client of mine had an exercise bike directly in front of their office door, which they had to squeeze past to get in and out; this blocked the energy from entering.  Once they moved it, the work started to flow in again.  Another client in a beauty salon had their reception desk directly in front and close to the entrance door; my suggestion was to move it to one side to allow the chi to enter, business was slow but once they made the change business improved.

5. Don’t sit with your back to the door, by doing so, you will miss opportunities and you may find people will talk about you behind your back.  A remedy to this is to place a mirror on your desk, or on the wall just to the side of you, positioned so you can see who is entering the room without turning around.

Desk with back to Door

6. Try to limit the amount of clutter in your office.  If business slows down, have a big clear out and get things in order.  This starts the chi moving again and your business will do the same.
                                                                                                                                             Too much clutter = stuck energy.  
A clear office = a clear focussed mind.

Cluttered Desk

7. In 2016 place a bubbling indoor water fountain in the Southeast corner of your house, office or living room but you must not put water in the bedroom (this fountain moves to a new location every year along with the yearly energies).

Indoor Bubbling Water Fountain

8. If you are longing to travel, place a globe in the North West of the office or in the North West section of your desk.  Keep twirling it 😉  Or you could also place a Concha Shell in the Northwest instead.

Concha Shell

9. Hang a vision board up in your office, this can just be a pin board, and place your photograph in the centre.  Using your 4 favourable directions place images and text on the board for everything you wish to manifest (e.g. It should be set out like this, North – bottom centre & South – top centre).  Hang your vision board in your personal success direction if possible, or one of your 4 favourable directions.  Hang it where you can see it every day.

10. If you feel drained and unwell after sitting at your desk, or find it difficult to concentrate while you are in there, then you could be sitting in a negative vortex,  this can easily be checked and cured using dowsing.  If this describes how you are feeling, visit my website for more information on dowsing.

Article Published in the July 2016 issue of the Spiritual Biz Magazine