Do you feel like you are walking against the wind?  Are you generating money in your business but as soon as it comes in the door, it goes straight back out again?

You are not alone; this is one of the most common problems my clients ask me about.

We all need bathrooms, but bathrooms can be the cause of this problem by draining away your money and also luck in the particular sector they locate.  Unfortunately there is no perfect place to have a bathroom, apart from where you have an affliction in the flying stars chart.  These afflictions can be severe financial issues or health problems.  This can happen when the violence, disaster or illness star falls in a particular sector.  If you have a bathroom here, then keeping the door closed can help drain this negative energy away. Using the flying stars, it is possible to work out the best position to have a bathroom or toilet so that it drains afflictions.

Money Down the Drain

If you are a male business owner, it is not good to have a business with a bathroom or toilet in the north west, as this sector represents the breadwinner or the man of the house.  If you are a female business owner, then the south west isn’t a good place for a bathroom or toilet as this sector represents the woman and relationships.

Bathrooms are treated differently to the yearly and monthly moving energies; you shouldn’t activate or harmonize the direction where a bathroom is.

For example, you would normally activate or harmonise the south, which is the fame sector using the colours red or purple, also using candles.  But if you do this you are energizing the fame energy with the negative draining energy of the toilet/bathroom.  You should instead use the colors blue or black here to suppress the negative bathroom energy.

Below shows the effects of having a bathroom or toilet in each of the sectors in your business or home and also what to do to suppress this energy.

  • NORTH – This sector affects career, work relationships, promotion, job prospects & generating increased income.
    Add a large stone or ceramic accessories.
  • NORTH EAST – This sector affects decision making, learning & education.
    Decorate or accessorise using the colours white, green or brown.   Add plants too.
  • EAST– This sector affects your health and family relationships.
    Keep the bathroom brightly lit and decorate using white or red colours and add candles.
  • SOUTH EAST – This sector can create financial loss; drain your wealth and investments. It proves difficult to save.
    Decorate using the colours white or grey.  Add metal elements here too.
  • SOUTH – This sector will affect your reputation.
    Decorating in blue or black colours.
  • SOUTH WEST – This sector will affect the woman.  It also affects relationships & marriage prospects.
    Decorate with the colours green, brown or white. Place plants or flowers here.
  • WEST – In the home, this sector will affect children.  Fertility can be affected too.
    Use the water colours blue or black to decorate or accessorise here.
  • NORTH WEST – This affects the man or breadwinner.  They find advancement in their career difficult.  It also prevents mentor luck.
    Use the colours red or blue to decorate or accessorise.  Keep brightly lit.

Things to watch out for with your bathroom/toilet placement:

  • Avoid premises with the toilet above the front door as this presses down the luck of the business or home. You should always keep this bathroom door closed and try to use it as least as possible.  Placing bright lights in your hallway will help.
  • If your office shares a wall with a toilet or bathroom, and there is a toilet, sink, bath or shower against this wall in the bathroom, then avoid placing your desk up against the adjoining bathroom wall. The draining energy will affect your work and business.  The same goes for your bed at home too as this can seriously affect your health.
  • If your bathroom isn’t on the ground floor, then check what is situated below your bathroom. If it’s a stove, then move it.  If this isn’t possible, keep the lights on as much as possible in the kitchen to dissipate the negative draining bathroom energy.  Also at home, avoid sleeping below your bathroom or having your dining table here.

Money frogTIP:  Place a money frog facing towards either your personal office door or the main door to your business premises.  Ensure that the money frog is on a high surface, don’t place it on the floor as this disrespects the money frog.  You can also put the money frog in your hallway too.  The money frog should hold a coin in its mouth; this represents the money flowing in through the door and the frog catching it.