We are all keen to find ways to help improve our business and career, so why not attract helpful people to give you a helping hand.  A few small adjustments in your home or office is all that is needed to increase your feng shui luck in this area.

The north west sector represents ‘big metal’ but also ‘helpful people’.  We are at an advantage in business when we can attract first-class contacts, mentors and a great network of people who turn up just at the right time to give you a good lead or connect you to the right person.  This can give you a foot up or a short cut in your business and save you a lot of time and hard work.  Most of us have heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’  This is not completely true as we do also need knowledge and expertise to go hand-in-hand with helpful people.

As the north west sector is ‘big metal’; to create more opportunities I recommend you add lots of shiny metal to this sector.  You can use anything that’s metallic and shiny like metal ornaments or metal artwork.  Moving metal is perfect to keep the energy moving and the area active, so a pendulum clock or fan is ideal.  In 2017, because of the way the energies have moved, you may find that it’s women that help you more than men this year.  A great tip for the office; if you have a metal filing cabinet, why not rearrange your office so this is placed in the north west corner of the office.

Great colours to paint this area are the metal colours, white, silver, grey or you can also use earth colours, beige or yellow.  The north west is very important in a home when the man is the breadwinner, so painting this sector in the correct colours can support him in his career and business. Another important tip is always avoid having or using a fireplace in the north west, because fire destroys the metal energy.

As well as helpful people, the north west sector also represents ‘travel’ and by activating this sector you can incite international travel for business or pleasure.

Concha Shell

Feng shui has certainly worked for me by activating the north west sector of my home. Nearly three years ago, I placed a concha shell in this sector and I also placed a crystal globe in the north west of my office, which I often give a twirl to as I walk past.  The result has amazed me; I have never travelled so much in my life.  I have travelled to Amsterdam, Dubai, Florida, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Marbella, Portugal, Prague, Scotland, Switzerland and Tenerife, all within 2 years

Crystal Globe Image.