Nine Tips to watch out for when moving or starting a new business:

  1. Busy areas in general have better feng shui, this is due to it having plenty of good yang energy.  These areas are normally more expensive.
  2. Traffic outside the premises should not give the impression of flowing away from the building.
  3. Avoid businesses or shops that share a wall with toilets.
  4. There must not be a bathroom or toilet directly above the entrance.  Residents will suffer from ill health, success and money will suffer.
  5. Business premises that have a regular square or rectangle shape floor plan are better than irregular shaped floor plans.
  6. Land behind your premises should always be higher than the land in front of your business.  This represents being supported by the mountains. The entrance should never face high land.
  7. It is advisable to always purchase or rent a property which faces one of your four auspicious directions. You can find your best directions out on my website
  8. Staircases should be to one side of the property rather than in the center. Curved staircases are good but spiral staircases can cause problems.  It is preferable that a staircase does not face the main door as the energy entering gets confused if it should flow up or down.  This can be rectified by hanging a crystal here.
  9. If you want to use mirrors in your retail shop, you should place them so they reflect the cash register.  Mirrors will double the customers in the shop and double the sales.  Businesses that use mirrors are usually very successful, if they are placed correctly.  Mirrors should not face each other as they will cause confusion.


  • Tape three chinese coins tied with red ribbon to your computer, invoice book and cash register. This generates higher income luck!
  • Keep a record of all your clients/customers in a dedicated area. Give each client their own red folder and tape a Chinese coin to each folder. Always have a couple of empty folders available ready for your next client.

Red Files with Chinese CoinThree Chinese Coin Image