There are a number of important things to be aware of in and around your business that can have a big impact of your ‘environmental’ feng shui luck.

The entrance of your business or home is known as the mouth of chi and should be clear and bright.  There should be no overgrown bushes blocking your client’s path as they walk towards the entrance.  Feng shui is all about the movement of energy.  Energy is all around us, it’s like oxygen, we know it’s there but we can’t see it; so having overgrown bushes or trees in alignment with the entrance will block the energy from flowing into your business or home.

You should not have a mirror directly facing the entrance door as you walk through the door.  As the energy enters, it is reflected back out again. This could have a detrimental effect on your business.  Be careful not to place the reception desk or anything else directly in front of the entrance, again this will prevent the energy from entering and moving around freely.  As you stand at the door looking in, imagine the energy moving in through the door.  Has it space to enter and move around?

I encourage you to also stand outside your door and observe your surroundings.

Is your business or home at the T-junction of a road?
This is not a good position; the energy from the road will hit you with force and can cause problems.  If you are considering buying a property at the head of a T-junction then please reconsider.

Are there electricity pylons/telegraph poles/railway lines close by?
These cause environmental stress which reduce the energy level in the business significantly, but can be remedied using dowsing.  For information on dowsing please visit my dowsing webpage

Can you see a church steeple from your window?
This will cause a poison arrow, which is bad for the health of anyone working in this area.  This can be cured by hanging a crystal in the window.

Are there any trees/bushes to the left or right side, outside your entrance?  If so, which side is taller?
As you stand in the door threshold looking out, the left of your door represents the Dragon and the right represents the Tiger in Feng Shui.  When the bushes or trees are higher on the left side, this is great Feng Shui because the Dragon is protecting you.  If the bushes or trees are higher on the right side of the door, then the Dragon is asleep and the Tiger is attacking you.  This can cause people to talk behind your back, or stab you in the back – not literally I hope 😉  This is simple to remedy, either cut the right side down so it’s lower than the left, or if you have a large tree which you don’t want to cut, then hang a hanging basket on the left side of the door to intentionally cure this problem and over power the Tiger.

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