Good feng shui in business starts with clearing your clutter. Office clutter is something that creeps up on us all, especially if you are overloaded with work. Clutter is simply ‘stuck energy’ (chi) with mental, physical and emotional side-effects.

Some people have their clutter on show, while others have it hidden away in desk drawers and cupboards. The favourite places seem to be in the attic or basement; out of sight, out of mind, that is until you need to find something, then chaos happens.

Excess clutter can clutter your mind. You can’t think straight; it takes twice as long to find something and you feel like your office is closing in on you.  Sound familiar…?  Clutter affects us all and I bet you didn’t realise how much!  It can make you feel tired, miserable, confused and disorganised.

Clutter attracts clutter; if you have a messy unorganised desk it becomes worse throughout the days and weeks. The clutter you have didn’t appear by magic, someone put it there and it has been added to over time.

Signs you are suffering from clutter are when you have the following:

  • Two staplers or three pairs of scissors on your desk and only use one.
  • Eight pens in your pen pot with only one of them actually working.
  • Unopened post which is over three days old.
  • A never ending pile of filing waiting to be put away, causing panic and chaos every time you need something urgently.

The energy that enters the main door of your business (or your home if you work from a home office) should flow freely around your office/business. This won’t happen if it runs into objects or heaps of clutter as clutter stops the natural flow causing blockages and a reluctance to progress in business.  This sluggish energy creates a negative effect on us and our business.  We can feel confused, tired, depressed and can’t focus on any single task, stopping us from taking the business forward and blocking opportunities.

The North sector of your office or business in Feng Shui represents career, so it’s especially important to ensure this sector is organised and clutter free. The same for the South East sector; this represents wealth so you don’t want any energy blockages there.

If you feel that business has slowed down or stopped, have a big clear out and get things back in order. Start the energy moving again, then sit back and pay attention.  A new unexpected business opportunity may arise, or the arrival of an outstanding cheque in the mail.

I suggest you take some garbage bags and label them, set the timer for 15/20 minutes, just long enough for you to make a difference but not be overwhelmed. We can all spare 15/20 minutes.  If you have two staplers or guillotines, pay one forward to someone who may need one.  Throw away any broken items, or pens that don’t work.  Put old files away safely in storage to make more space.

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