The Period 8 Feng Shui Flying Star energies change in 2024.
The Yearly Feng Shui Flying Star energies change at Chinese New Year, Year of the Rooster – 28th January, 2017.  2016 is Year of the Monkey.
The Monthly Feng Shui Flying Star energies change around the 6th-8th of every month.

Please read below an explanation of the flying stars and what energy they each represent.  When the yearly and monthly energies meet, sometimes they are friendly and work together wonderfully, other times they can work together in a harmful negative way.

Flying 1 Star — Abundance Star – This energy is very beneficial for career opportunity, financial growth and income.  Metal is great for boosting this Flying 1 Star.

Flying 2 Star — Illness Star –  This illness energy creates annoying illnesses like allergies which linger on.  It can sometimes create financial problems depending on what sector this star lands.  Metal is great for holding down this star’s negative energies.

Flying 3 Star — Conflict StarGossip, anger and legal problems are the issues that show up when this conflict star hangs around.  Use the colour red and candles.

Flying 4 Star — Relationship Star – This relationship star is associated with good luck in communications, travel, sales and writing.  Boost this area with water unless fidelity is a problem.

Flying 5 Star Disaster Star  –  This is the worst energy out of all the flying stars and it can cause major problems, accidents and severe illness  Keep the area calm and quiet, using a pendulum clock you can cut away the negative energy.

Flying 6 Star Abundance Star – This is great energy, it brings recognition from influential people, good news, winnings.  Great news also for stocks, shares and gambling. Add gems and stones to boost this area.

Flying 7 Star Violence Star  –  This energy creates problems with deception, arguments, theft.  Water helps to control it, or you can use the colour red or purple..

Flying 8 Star — Abundance Star  –  This energy star is the favourite of all stars.  It brings opportunity and good news.  The 8 abundance star is the favourite star of all.   This 8 abundance star is great for business advancement and good financial news. Use lights and red colours to boost this abundance energy.

Flying 9 Star Fame Star – This 9 star is known as the multiplier and can double the energy when paired with this another star.  It can bring good fortune and social advancement.

Always remember that feng shui is only 33% of your luck, this is called your Environmental Luck.